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Why Create a Website About ISV Companies

Being a small independent software vendor (ISV) ourselves gives us a unique insight into many areas affecting small businesses today. That be whether it is developing and promoting software, fighting scams and piracy or health issuess for IT people.

Since we build the software to help website owners improve their websites, we are also exposed to a variety of general marketing techniques that are specially relevant to small companies.

Incase you do not know what "ISV" and "mISV" stands for:
  • ISV = independent software vendor
  • mISV = micro-ISV

For additional information, check this Wikipedia article about the term "Independent software vendor".

As Microsys is a small family run company, the new blog domain name is not only shorter, but also more appropriate.

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The Future For

Based on our own ideas, experience and research we have found our domain is very suitable for a first-stop service for startups who develop web or computer software.

That is why we are in the planning stage to create a website that can help with many of the necessary, but often overlooked, tasks in getting a business running and a company name become a known brand within its niche.

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